Alice Bothell

Alice Bothell

Alice has worked at Interform for 23 years. Her experience includes an eye for detail and editing. She is a long time resident of Davis County. Some of her favorite places to camp are Yellowstone, Uintas and Bear Lake. She likes to look for geodes and trilobites and one day hopes to see the Northern lights.


Alice is the 6th child of 7. She has been married for 19 years. She has a son,16 and his name is Andrew. She has a daughter,13 and her name is Brianna.


Alice likes sewing, cooking, camping, hiking, crafts and scrapbooking. She loves anything outdoors.

Interesting Facts about Alice

  • She likes to rock climb.
  • She likes to trail run.
  • She likes to run 5Ks.
  • She likes rock hounding.