Anissa Haslam

Anissa Haslam
CSR - Customer Service

Anissa has enjoyed working at Interform for over seven years. She is a CSR for an awesome salesman and love working with him. She loves coming to work everyday and working with everyone else as well.

She was born in California and moved with her family to Oklahoma when she was seven. They lived there for one year and then moved to Utah where she has lived ever since.


She has two sons and one grandson.


Anissa likes camping, traveling, shopping, scrapbooking, reading and watching her favorite TV shows like the Big Bang Theory and Nashville.

Interesting Facts about Anissa

  • Anissa’s Grandmother talked to Butch Cassidy when she was little and always told Anissa the story of how nice he was.
  • Her Grandmother grew up in Vernal, Utah and her Grandfather was the town Sheriff. He arrested the Sun Dance Kid. Butch Cassidy came to the house on his horse asking to visit his friend in jail.