Brady Field

Brady Field
Account Manager

Brady is one of the newest to the Interform team and has spent most of his life in sales.  Years in the trucking industry and manufacturing industries has afforded him plenty of time on the road, in other states and countries and has made him appreciate the comfort of a familiar pillow.  Mostly from the west, he has lived in Colorado, California and Utah and has an insatiable desire to visit Hawaii as often as possible. Brady is enjoying the creative side of sales and gets a complete kick out of seeing a project start as an idea and the end results, but mostly the expression on customer’s faces when they see their ideas realized.


Brady is the father of 2 of the greatest daughters ever to walk the earth. They put up with his ‘dad jokes’ and are used as sound boards for new possible anecdotes to add to his repertoire.  He is the 2nd oldest of 6 kids that have dispersed throughout the world, but are all very close as they share their adventures in life.


Baseball, Golf, Basketball, are the staples in his life, but he is willing to try just about anything that will get the heart pumping a little faster. As a drummer in a basement band, Brady has stuck with the motif of his hobbies and that his hitting objects as hard as possible with sticks. Spending time with family and friends is paramount in his life and he always has something planned that he’s looking forward to. Other hobbies are poking the bear, stirring the pot, and pushing the envelope, all of which are done with a smile to all involved.

  •  Brady has been playing in an adult baseball league for 28 years.
  •      He has 5 world series rings and no intention of stopping anytime soon.
  •      He has played in all of the Major League Baseball’s spring training stadiums in Arizona.
  • Brady played 6 seasons for the University of Utah Rugby team.
  •      He was 1 MVP award for team forwards.
  •      He received one broken leg, along with countless bruises and flesh wounds that have long since healed.
  • Brady made a pilgrimage to New York to see a Yankee’s game before they tore down “The House That Ruth Built” in 2009.
  • The top of his bucket list is to see a Steelers’ game at Heinz Field.