Brian Christopherson

Brian Christopherson
Account Manager

Brian has been with Interform for 18 years and it’s clear that he loves his job and enjoys working with his amazing Interform team and clients. Each of Brian’s clients trust his expertise and industry experience and knowledge. Speaking of product knowledge and experience – The golf industry is one of Brian’s favorite product categories and the golf course somehow works its way in to his schedule. He has each local Utah golf course programmed in to the GPS for a convenient travel time update. Working in the corporate branding and marketing industry is incredibly exciting and Brian enjoys the crazy ups and downs that each project encompasses and is always ready for the next unique client request.


Brian is incredibly blessed to be married to an amazing wife Andrea and the father of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 son.


Brian loves to chase a golf ball around the golf course. He loves spending time with his family and going to watch soccer games, baseball, dance, and any of his kids’ other activities. He loves sports in general and attending any of the RSL, Jazz, Bees, BYU and U of U games.

Interesting Facts about Brian

  • He is 6’6″ tall.
  • He speaks fluent Spanish.
  • He can blow bubbles from his mouth on demand.
  • He can be seen with a beverage in hand at all times.
  • He has never had a broken bone or had a cast.