Gordy and Sherry Campbell

Gordy and Sherry Campbell
Account Managers

Gordy has worked in sales for over 30 years. After his youngest son started kindergarten, Sherry became bored being a stay at home mom. They joined forces and seem to make a pretty good team. Gordy and Sherry enjoy each other’s company, so this working together thing has made for a great life. They have enjoyed working in this industry since 2001. Gordy and Sherry love the amazing people at Interform, the vendors and customers, who they consider friends.

gordy@interform.net / sherry@interform.net


Gordy and Sherry have 2 great boys and 2 special daughter in-laws. But the best things in life “so far” are their wonderful grand-kiddos, they keep them smiling, laughing and full of amazement! Life is good!


Other than Gordy (first playing… now watching) all football, basketball and golf imaginable, some of their favorite things are going to their cabin and enjoying the outdoors, exploring trails on their side by sides, relaxing, and recharging. Gordy and Sherry also enjoy their time with family and friends who have made their lives so rich and full.

Interesting Facts about Gordy and Sherry

  • Gordy and Sherry met when they were 15 years old in High School.
  • Over 3 decades of marriage and all this “working together” stuff, they still like each other… a lot!