Janeal Sundwall

Janeal Sundwall
CSR - Customer Service

Hey Everyone!!! Janeal Sundwall was born and raised in Utah and has never lived anywhere else. She loves the mountains and the changing seasons in Utah but absolutely hates the cold. She has worked for Interform for 7 years. She absolutely loves it. She has never worked in this type of industry before and finds it fascinating. Every day she learns something new! Her sales reps. are Jim Hirst and Jeff Morris.



Janeal is married and has 2 grown children, 1 son-in-law and 3 grandchildren . They are all her favorites!!!


Janeal loves to go boating. She also loves to shop, read, shop, watch movies, shop, hang out with friends and family… and did she mention shop? 🙂

Interesting Facts about Janeal

  • She is a reality TV junkie.
  • She loves Survivor, Bachelor and Bachelorette (don’t judge her).
  • Her heaven consists of a diet coke with a 2 shots of vanilla.
  • Last but not least….She is a HUGE Trace Adkins fan!!!