Jason Grow

Jason Grow
Screenprint Manager

Jason was born and raised in Southern California, but he is not one of those “Californians”. He moved to Utah a couple of years after high school and has lived in Utah longer than California. He has always been interested in art and the printing process. Towards the end of high school he started to learn how to airbrush. This turned into an interest in screen printing and he started learning about the screen printing process. Eventually, Jason and his Dad opened a business doing screen printing. He did everything from the artwork, to the printing, to building and maintaining their website for the entire 10+ years they were in business. In late 2013, Jason joined the Interform team as a production manager over screen print, heat seal, and direct-to-garment (Interform’s newest garment decoration method). He loves the entire process and printing industry. He is grateful to be part of the Interform team. He enjoys learning new things and challenging himself. He also enjoys teaching others and sharing his knowledge.


Jason is one of 5 children and is the middle child…yes, he is one of “them”. He has been married since 2006. He married a little later in life than most, so a lot of the people his age are starting to get grandkids, where my youngest is only 17 months old at the time of this writing. He has a wonderful wife and 3 beautiful daughters.


Jason loves doing anything artistic or even crafty, from creating artwork on the computer to decorating custom cakes. He especially enjoys airbrushing. You can also find him disc golfing, riding his mountain bike, hiking or watching a movie with his family.

Interesting Facts about Jason

  • He looks younger than he is, which is partially attributed to getting married and having kids later in life.
  • He loves the animated movies because of the artwork used to create them.
  • He finds people-watching to be a lot of fun, especially at events like Comic Con.