Jim Hirst

Jim Hirst
Account Manager

Jim Hirst is a free spirited, flexible sales person that lives and dies by being completely schedule oriented with a lifestyle predicated on routine. Having worked at Interform for 15+ years, it’s clear that Jim is pretty happy with what he does and his customers feel that in his excitement with each visit and conversation. Little known fact; Jim recently underwent a procedure that surgically fused his body to his desk and cell phone. Modern medicine said it couldn’t be done! Leave it to Jim to find a way to make sure he is always there and ready to tackle that next project at hand!



Jim really lucked out. Regardless his fairly average looks, he somehow made the sale of his life in convincing his wife Angela to marry him. Jim and Angela have 4 beautiful children, 3 daughters and a son.


Those who really know Jim know that he has 2 hobbies: Work and Utah Football. Ask Jim at any given moment how many days are left until football season; you’re bound to get the correct answer. Jim does enjoy other things, including; reading emails, answering phone calls, sending hilarious YouTube videos to co-workers and sleeping.

Interesting Facts about Jim

  • Jim has memorized 1 – 20 squared. Seriously.
  • Jim used the same first date format for all of his first dates.
  • Jim is the only human being to go to a major league baseball game and only purchase a cheese plate for dinner.
  • Jim drinks a lot of smoothies for lunch.
  • Jim is fluent in the Cambodian language.
  • Jim has long been an advocate for making sure that children all over the world have access to the soundtrack from Footloose. What a dreamer!