Karyn Rice

Karyn Rice
CSR - Customer Service

Karyn has worked at Interform for over 10 years, when she started at Interform there were about 25 employees. She has enjoyed watching Interform grow to where it is today. The transition has been very exciting. She enjoys working with clients on projects, it is fun to see it all come together. She has amazing account managers that she assists every day.



Karyn and Brandon have been married for 10 years! They each added 2  boys to their family. Their boys range in age from 14-18. They have 2 dogs, Jeff and Sam. Their saving grace is date night every Wednesday. She wouldn’t trade any of it!


Karyn loves the sun! and would be a gecko if she could. She jokes that she wishes she could move her desk outside, during the summer, and work in the heat of the day. Karyn enjoys tent camping, four wheeling and hunting. She also enjoys karaoke and her friends call it Karynoke. Karyn thinks she is really not that great but she has fun!

Interesting Facts about Karyn

  • She has her own parking place at Interform, it is the corner of the front parking lot. She gets a little crazy when people park in it. It is no secret, everyone at Interform knows that. Truth be told, no one at Interform has their own parking spot. It is just a sickness she has.
  • She only drinks Diet Coke with Lime
  • When she first interviewed with Interform, Karyn was in the process of getting divorced. She interviewed and was hired, she turned down the position because she wasn’t sure of how much change she could go through at the time.
  • About 6 months later, she decided she was ready. She was told she had to have re-interview. She interviewed with Mike, Jerry, Bill and Patty, when the original interview was only with Bill and Patty. She didn’t think Interform was going to hire her but they did and it is all history since then!