Laurie Walkenhorst

Laurie Walkenhorst
Darren's Assistant/ Estimator

Laurie is an estimator for Interform. She has been in the printing industry for over 30 years. She did return to the University of Utah to finish her degree in recent years. She has a bachelor Science in family studies. She started working at Interform in 2006. Laurie lives in Bountiful with her dog, Jack. One of Laurie’s greatest achievements is being the favorite Aunt to her many nieces and nephews. She loves to travel and has been many places in the world. Her greatest memory is scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Disneyland is a must for her at least once a year. She loves working at Interform.


Laurie is the Favorite Aunt to 23 nieces and nephews and 17 great nieces and nephews. She enjoys spending time with her family!


Laurie loves to Scrapbook. Journal keeping keeps her sane. She likes traveling to Disneyland once a year. Laurie loves to take her “craft box” to all family events to help promote creativity. She has really enjoyed putting a Fairy garden together this year.

Interesting Facts about Laurie

  • She is the #4 child out of 7 Children.
  • She has a cabin at the top of Lambs Canyon.
  • She loves gardening.
  • She has collected all 1-99 receipts from In–n–Out with employees help.
  • She kept track of the time the UPS man came for an entire year. (He was always here within a 10 min period)
  • She is the owner of Interform’s pet gold fish, Jerry, Carlos and Fire.
  • She is a fan favorite of the Interform kids when they visit their parents at work.