Melinda Reid

Melinda Reid

Melinda was born and raised in Salt Lake City. After graduating with her degree in Art History from Brigham Young University, she started her design career at Interform. Melinda loves to bake, and is always trying out new sweet treats on her family and friends. She has traveled to Europe a few times, Tonga, and Australia, and would love to travel more. She enjoys living close to the mountains, and watching Utah’s breathtaking sunsets.


Melinda has been married to her wildly handsome husband, Ryan, for 2 years. She is the 7th of 8 children, and loves to tend their many nieces and nephews. Both Ryan and Melinda can usually be found playing with the kids at family get togethers.


When not at work, Melinda is in the kitchen or working in the garden. She has dreams of starting a bakery someday. She loves to travel, sew, doodle, hike, enjoys photography, and likes to run.

Interesting Facts about Melinda

  • She is the shortest of her siblings at 5’8″
  • She has never broken a bone
  • She collects keychains from her travels
  • She loves the rain!