Mindy Havig

Mindy Havig

Mindy was raised on a ranch in Evanston, Wyoming. After high school she moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she worked as a telecommunication tech, pulling cable and rerouting phones lines for Intel Corp. Mindy eventually moved to Utah and got her associates degree in Multimedia graphic design. she has been a graphic designer for over 15 years and at Interform for almost 11 of those years. She enjoys being a part of Interform’s art department. The people she works with are amazing and are a huge part of her life. “Happy Helpers!”


Family is a main priority in her life. Mindy loves watching her 7 year old, Colton excel in riding anything with wheels, and her 3 year old Cody play and make people laugh with his crazy personality. Mindy and her husband, of 18 years, Derek, spend most of their free time helping on the family ranch, camping in the Unita mountains, going to rodeos, or just bar-b-queuing in their backyard. She also has 2 dogs Bosco and Josey.


Mindy has always enjoyed pushing her mind and body physically. She loves lifting weights and has a very strong love hate relationship with running. She loves spending time with her family. She also likes gardening, camping, hunting, cooking, volleyball, nutrition and anything that challenges her.

Interesting Facts about Mindy

  • She talks to her sister everyday on her way home from work
  • She was driving tractors (raking the hay) in the hay field at 11 years old, but learned to drive tractors at
  • She was accidentally branded with the branding iron, while branding
  • Her alarm clock is set for 4:00 am everyday so she can workout before she starts the day
  • She runs with her dog
  • She is not a big fan of Chocolate