Roger & Peggy Ogzewalla

Roger & Peggy Ogzewalla
Account Managers

Rog & Peg have been with Interform for almost 20 years. They owned two franchises back in the day. Now they are sales reps. Roger has been in the glove business for over 30 years. Peggy was Executive Director for Consulting Engineers in Utah for 12 years.

Roger has retired from Southwest Airlines and they fly free for life on Southwest.


Yours Mine and Ours, they have 8 kids together and are raising a nephew. They have 22 grandchildren and one step great granddaughter. Family is everything to them – grandkids are the best.


Rog and Peg enjoy grandkids, golfing, boating, waterskiing, snow skiing. Roger likes fishing & treasure hunting. Peggy likes horseback riding, volleyball & tennis.

Interesting Facts about Roger and Peggy

  • Roger was born and raised in Centerville. He lived in Idaho for a few short years.
  • Roger served a mission in Hawaii Guam Mission.
  • Peggy has lived in Alaska, Israel, Idaho, Arizona, California, Wyoming and settled in Centerville.
  • They have been married for 25 years.
  • They met when Roger was Peggy’s landlord – Peggy and 5 kids rented his home.