Victor Ramirez

Victor Ramirez
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Victor was born in Mexico but was raised in Van Nuys, California. He lived there from the time he was 2 years old until he moved to Utah 12 years ago. Victor has been in the printing industry since high school. He has watched the industry and its technology evolve throughout the years. Because of so many changes and his desire to keep learning, Victor still loves what he does and takes pride in every job that he is involved in.


Victor married his high school sweetheart, Maly, 17 years ago. He has 3 amazing sons each with their own unique personalities. Still, Victor’s household does share one very important trait… sarcasm!


Victor doesn’t have any hobbies in particular, unless work and honey do lists are considered a hobby. He does enjoy being outdoors and bike riding in his spare time.

  • Victor was very shy as a child and didn’t speak much.
  • Victor played sports growing up and all though high school. He played baseball, football, and track and field. He also played in a dodge ball tournament once.
  • Having 3 sons, Victor has become a pretty good barber.